Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Sleepover Helper: 10 Not-Too-Scary Movies

So you've sweetly signed up to host a Halloween sleepover at your house and you're wondering what cool-down entertainment you can call on to settle the kids down, not scare them into pulling an all-nighter. What movies are suitable for the preschool-primary set and which ones are fine for middle elementary and middle schoolers?

Common Sense Media has it own top ten suggestions for this age group:

Common Sense also offers some classic films that have known (and not-so-known) scary segments that might trigger fears in some kids. Most of us remember some of these scenes in beloved movies--the Evil Queen's terrifying huntsman who pursues Snow White and then has a change of heart just in time, the scary forest fire and loss of his mother in Bambi. Are there some other movies to consider before you pop them in the DVD player?

Have a HAPPY Halloween!



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