Friday, June 01, 2012

Peter Pan Papas? When Dads Don't Grow Up by Marjorie B. Parker

Some dads just don't grow up.

You know who they are.

They understand that shopping carts are for racing.

The know that milk tastes better through a straw.

They aren't afraid of looking goofy... or getting their hair wet (if they still have hair).

Dads who don't grow up are the ones that remember that being a kid means having fun. They remember that reading the comics and watching cartoons on the couch with a kid isn't necessarily wasting time, that playing in water sprinklers or playing ball in the living room with umbrellas is a real sport. They know what bubble wrap was really invented for, and sitting in the dunking seat at the school carnival can be fun and funny, and that going down the twisty slide is worth the risk of getting stuck in the crawl-through tunnel.

Marjorie Parker's newest, When Dads Don't Grow Up (Dial Books, 2012) is a celebration of dads with long memories, those who haven't forgotten how to have fun with their kids. If play is the work of kids, being able to play with the kids is part of the job description for being a good dad. R. W. Alley's spirited and imaginative comic illustrations are the meat and potatoes of this charming little picture book, showing good-natured and un-self concious dads sharing the joys of their girls and boys. A great Fathers Day gift for a dad who isn't afraid of looking goofy when goofy is good!



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