Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who? Are You A Cow? by Sandra Boynton

HEY! I'm a chicken.
Yes, it's true!

Tell me, Tell me.
What are you!

A brand-new Sandra Boynton board book for babies is cause for bravos--or in Boynton's case, MOOING, OINKING, BARKING, BAAING....

A cross-eyed, upside-down chicken is the interlocutor in this call-and-response narration which pulls the listening tot right into the story with its first bouncy quatrain. The inquiries come fast: Cow? Dog? Lamb? Hippo? Hold on! You can't be a hippo; they're really large--and YOU are not! Well, then what are you?

You must be YOU!

Boynton's barnyard and zoo critters are as charmingly comic as ever, clearly what they are, and more, in this lively exploration of who is who in this rhyming romp through self-identity in her latest, Are You a Cow? (Little Simon, 2012). Kirkus Reviews gives Boynton's newest a coveted starred review and high praise: "Boynton has perfected the art of creating developmentally appropriate books for babies that keep their parents engaged too, and this is no exception. Tots will be thrilled at the chance to use one of their favorite two-letter words ("no!") over and over again."

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