Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Book's Weirder Than Your Book! Weird But True 4 by National Geographic Editors

Where do you have to go to find those chocolate-covered Cheetos you’ve been craving?

How long can an elephant swim?

If you know someone whose brain burns with questions like these... have I got a book for you!  National Geographic’s Weird but True! 4: 300 Outrageous Facts (2012) is hot off the press with its fourth installment of curiosities from around the world.

Japan is the place for chocolate Cheetos, and if you have to cross a good-sized lake, it’s the next elephant you want to catch for a ferry ride to a distant shore six hours away.

Chock-full of wild, wacky, and downright mesmerizing world wonders, this inexpensive little paperback published by the notable juvie magazine National Geographic Kids has lots of mighty miscellanea for people of all ages. What animal has eyes but no brain? What time of year do kids grow fastest? What people favored using human skulls for drinking cups? And if the chocolate Cheetos get too cloying, where we go for a savory snack like caviar-flavored potato chips? How old was the oldest pet goldfish?

With chapters titled "Eat or Be Eaten" and "Chills and Thrills," this quirky compendium will appeal to almost any reader for fun and facts, nicely illustrated by National Geographic’s signature color photos in a handy little package. Get ready for lots of "Hey! Listen to THIS!"  Great for birthday gifts, bedtime browsing, or backseat car-time reading for kids!



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