Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fangs A Lot! Nugget & Fang by Tammi Sauer



1. Sharks eat

a. minnows
b. rusty license plates
c, surfers
d. all of the above

Nugget and Fang have always been BFFF--Best Finny Friends Forever!

Down in the briny deep they do everything together.

Fang is big and black and sports a toothy grin. Nugget is a relatively tiny minnow. But their differences have never caused a moment's dissension, until it's time for Nugget to go to school. The two swim down to MINI MINNOWS ACADEMY for Nugget to begin the new school year. Both are taken aback when they see the content of the curriculum.

Mrs. Jelly reads the story of the day:

"Today's story is about three little minnows and a bad, bad shark....!

Math is no better:

"If there were ten minnows and a shark ate four of them,  how many are left?"

And science class brings a another shock. Nugget is frightened to learn that he apparently is a toothsome little McNugget at the bottom of the food chain. And guess who is the toothy predator at the top?

That afternoon, Nugget explains it all to Fang.

"Sharks and minnows can't be friends!"

Is this the end of a beautiful friendship? Not in Tammi Sauer's forthcoming scaly saga, Nugget and Fang: Friends Forever--or Snack Time? (Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt, 2013). Fang does everything to prove that his toothy grin is harmless, to no avail--until the entire Mini Minnow Academy finds itself swept up in a drag net and only Fang's, er, fangs have the chomp power to save Nugget and his minnow schoolmates from becoming the catch of the day. Sauer's comic touch takes this tale of unlikely friends to the deeps, with illustrator Michael Slack's neon-sign palette making a few artistic waves along the way. All's well that fins well for these briny best buddies, thanks to the talents of Sauer & Slack!

Sauer's recently published comic treats are Princess in Training and Oh, Nuts!(See review here).

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