Monday, March 11, 2013

Tea for Three: Bunnies for Tea by Kate Stone

1, 2, 3!

Three ship-shape bunnies, dressed to the nines, arrive for afternoon tea in this delicate teacup-shaped board book.

In their festive best, with bows and chapeaus, they arrive at a house where the tea table is a bit super-sized for these pint-sized little bunnies.

It's a lovely spread, but there's also some heavy lifting for these miniature rabbits, hefting huge sugar cubes and  hoisting the cream pitcher to pour a polite dribble into each of their giant teacups.

Oops!  One bunny has a spill, and now there's one soggy  bunny, from ears to toes, at the table.

But  all pitch in for the wipe-up, and soon scones and other sweets sooth their feelings, in Kate Stone's charming little teacup-shaped board book for tots, Bunnies For Tea (McMeel, 2013).  The artwork is appealing, with its pastel palette and clever touches (see the cover with part of the title rendered as a tag on the tea bag).  For parents, grandparents and others interested in reducing the sugar content of Easter morning for small children, this sturdy little shaped book, with a die-cut handle just the right size for little fingers to hold, is a sweet, neat, and lasting treat for the Easter basket (with no spills).

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