Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quiet! Dragon Dad Napping! One Drowsy Dragon by Ethan Long

THREE dancing dragons
learn to tap, tap, tap.


One groggy dragon groans,
"I want to nap!"

Kids just want to have fun.

Dad just needs to catch up on his sleep.

In an inventive counting book that just won't quit, Ethan Long's One Drowsy Dragon  (Orchard Books) is a cacophonous celebration of onomatopoeia and rhyme, as first one little dragon taps out some percussion on his tin cup, a pair of  space-warring little alien wannabees shoot it out with their zap guns, and at last nine noise-making little dragonettes find yet another way to keep Dad awake.

Not since Dr. Seuss's little bears decided to hop on pop has there been a merrier group of kids keeping Dad from his nap. Dad Dragon, all set for sleep with his long nightcap and blankie, can't catch a single Z with these kids making a racket with scary videos, jamming with their garage band, and even playing a clackety croquet game.

But after a day of uproar, even little dragons get tired, and finally Daddy Dragon gets his due and the kids get a bit of payback!
One drowsy dragon finally snores deep.
              GRUNT! SLURP! SMACK! SNORE!
TEN drowsy dragons say..."TIME to sleep!"

Kids will love this story for its silly noises, and parents will appreciate the chance to teach some awesome adjectives and diverse verbs along the way. And, like all good bedtime stories, at the end the kids do settle down for sleep. "A solid storytime choice that covers several popular picture-book topics, including counting, colors, dragons, and bedtime," says School Library Journal.

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