Thursday, June 13, 2013

Turn, Turn, Turn: Pinwheel by Salina Yoon



Although the actual pyrotechnics are reserved for the ending, the artistic fireworks of Salina Yoon's fresh and fascinating new book, Pinwheel (Little, Brown, 2013), go off with each turn of the page and turn of the wheel which set her designs into motion.

A companion book to her 2012 tour de force, Kaleidoscope, Yoon here gives the young reader a spare but poetic text to accompany her dazzling design features which transform the grill of a train, a flower in the field, a bee, a butterfly, and a hot air balloon into a constantly changing image.

A sunflower's center rotates kaleidoscopically. A colorful kite soars up and up, right off the page and above the book.  A butterfly's wings transform  the design coloration into many sorts of butterflies, and a hot air balloon changes as it rises, leading into a finale of starbursts from rainbow sky rockets.

All of these wonders are contained with a small but bright board book format in which every page opens up a different scene under the control of the reader.   The award-winning Salina Yoon continues to break new ground with her ingenious interactive picture books with this new one, a delight for the eye altogether! Publishers Weekly adds its own star for this one, calling it a "winning combination of lyrical writing and smart interactive design."



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