Friday, September 06, 2013

Get an Eyefull! TIME For Kids Dinosaurs 3D: An Incredible Journey Through Time by Dougal Dixon

Man (at least in his opposable thumb iteration) has been around for about 200,000 years, but for more than 135,000,000 years,  dinosaurs were the dominant species on earth, giving them the extreme endurance marathon record.

Dougal Dixon's new TIME For Kids Dinosaurs 3D: An Incredible Journey Through Time (Time for Kids, 2013), gives us the chance to see how some of these dominant dinosaur species might have looked in action.

Open this book, put on your 3-D glasses (two pairs for partner viewing are included), and delve into dinosaur lore, divided into main sections--long-necked plant eaters, armored plant eaters, two-footed plant eaters, and those frightfully toothy meat eaters. An additional chapter--"Digging Up the Past"--includes a description of the the process of fossilization that enabled humans to recreate the bone structure and visualize the whole beast, with biographical sections on "The Bone Hunters" as well as "Fossil Facts."

An appendix titled "What's Next" gives future dinosaur scientists a question-and-answer section, a glosssary of terms, a bibliography ("Find Out More") which includes books and web sites for further investigations by dino fans, a complete index, and a timeline ("Ages of the Dinosaur"), and a section on dinosaur extinction. Dougal Dixon dominates the dinosaur field for kids, and the dramatic 3-D illustrations offered in this sturdy, compact format are the perfect treat for the many elementary-aged readers who love, love, love dinosaur lore.

Time for Kids also offers a companion book, TIME for Kids Zoo 3D: An Incredible Animal Adventure.

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