Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gifting: Love Monster and the Perfect Present by Rachel Bright


Okay. You have been warned!

Love Monster thinks his favorite monster... is the most perfect monster in the world. Yes, they are the best of friends!

And we know what that means when a gift-giving occasion rolls around. The gift had better be something really special.

Love Monster (a little red monster as cute as they come) knows that on Present Day, his gift has got to be over-the-moon perfect.

He sets out to go shopping. The shops--BIG SPENDERS, PLANET PRESENT, WILDEST DREAMS!--on Cuteseo Drive are ablaze with lovely, lively lights. All the stores are stocked with glitz, bling, glam, whiz-bang, whoopee, and whoa-Nelly stuff! But what to get for his Perfect Monster? Love Monster needs a special gift, just the right one. He thinks and thinks.

Love monster has nothing!

None of these shiny-full presents quite says what he wants his gift to say to Perfect Monster! How can he show her how much their special times together mean?

Rachel Bright's third story about her fluffy and admittedly oh-so-cute Love Monster, Love Monster and the Perfect Present (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux) is too cute for words, but hey, this is story land, and words are what we do, and Bright's story is amazingly realistic, considering her furry and modestly fanged hero and heroine. Sensible Love Monster finds the oversold over-the-top stuff in the stores insincere, and settles for his own distinctive present for Perfect Monster in a story that is, well, perfect for any occasion, even, owing to the several red hearts adorning the illustrations, Valentine's Day. When in CUTESVILLE, feel free to be FLUFFY!

Rachel Bright's other books in this series are Love Monster and Love Monster and the Last Chocolate,

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