Sunday, August 02, 2015

Beep Along! Little Blue Truck's Beep-Along Book by Alice Schertle

If the cow is in the corn,

give a wave and honk your horn!

Alice Schertle's beloved picture book hero, Little Blue Truck, is back in what even a curmudgeon would call an adorable toy and movable book for toddlers.

Through a die-cut hole in the cover and each page, Little Blue Truck peers forth, with Frog at the wheel, saying I Beep! And with a squeeze of Little Truck's plush hood, he does!

On a sunlit toodle through the farmlands, Schertle's text describes the farm animals in the scenery and invites the little reader to give a beep and a wave to friends. There are cows in the corn, pigs in the clover, and also horses, chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, geese, and another frog to greet along the way. Beep as much as you like! It's a soft, sweet sound for young ears, and an interactive book that even infants can begin to enjoy as parents read along.

Veteran author Alice Schertle provides her characteristically rhythmic verses and artist Jill McElmurry's jolly, rounded illustrations have made their Little Blue Truck series current classics for preschoolers, and their Little Blue Truck's Beep-Along Book (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015) is a great way to introduce little ones (and new parents) to these endearing books.

Schertle's larger format pictures books in this series are Little Blue Truck Board Book, Little Blue Truck Leads the Way board book and Little Blue Truck's Christmas, as well as the spin-off activity book Little Blue Truck Farm Sticker Fun! (see reviews here.)

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