Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dig and Delve: On the Construction Site by Carron Brown

For construction crazy kids, diggers on duty are the best sight on the building site!

In Carron Brown's newest addition to the Shine-A-Light series, On the Construction Site (Shine-A Light Books) (The Ivy Press, 2015) there's a special feature added to this study of heavy equipment involved building a skyscraper. Areas with a flashlight icon can be held up to a light to see what lies underneath the scene on the page: for example, what's inside the dump track headed away?


Meanwhile diggers are revealed constructing the foundation, and whooshing cement mixers are shown squirting out the concrete footings, while concrete scrapers are waiting in the wings to do their thing, leveling the concrete so that it can dry nice and smooth.

Then here comes the crane operator, followed by iron workers, high steel workers, acetylene torch welders, and glaziers ready to put in the giant sheets of glass in those oh-so-high windows. And finally the less glamorous plumbers, flooring specialists, and electricians take over to finish up an apartment for the family just waiting to move in.

Author Carron Brown tells the whole story, with breaks to peer at just what's just under the surface, and Bee Johnson provides the stylized but realistic illustrations of equipment and workers as the skyscraper rises.  This one is non-fiction fun for youngsters who love heavy equipment, all identified in the appended picture dictionary.

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