Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Runnin' Wild! Explorers of the Wild by Cale Atkinson

BOY: I love to explore!

BEAR: Exploring is my favorite thing to do!

BOY: There are so many neat things to see like over there! (Mother Quail and her chicks)

BEAR: So many strange things to find, like over here! (Weird worms under a log)

Two adventurers set forth on an expedition, the boy with flashlight and camera and notebook, the bear with a set of fireflies, a sturdy vine, and a flat rock for recording observations.

You'd expect these two to be comrades, even Best Friends Forever.

Except the the little boy has never met a bear, and the young bear has never encountered a boy.

Until one day they run into each other. Talk about strange sights. Suddenly they remember their parents' warnings about all the weird things in the wild!

BOY: I was scared!

BEAR: But then, I saw we were both explorers!

But the two intrepid wanderers can see that they share the passion for exploration, and combine their quest to discover more together.

Cale Atkinson's Explorers of the Wild (Hyperion Books, 2015) show two unlikely companions combining their quest and agree that together...

"No mountain is too big to conquer!"

Atkinson's sweet little parable of overcoming external differences shows that together is better than alone, and his style is to do more showing than telling in getting to the heart of his premise. Atkinson's illustrations of woods and mountains are inviting, and at the end of the day they have discovered a new world in the wilds."Beyond celebrating what nature has to offer, Atkinson leaves readers with the tantalizing and valuable idea that exploration of any kind, whether in the wilderness or not, can turn “I” to “we,” points out Publishers Weekly.

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