Friday, August 26, 2016

Hey! Listen to THIS! National Geographic Kids 2017 Almanac



Although that claim may be just a bit hyperbolic, the perennially best-selling  National Geographic Kids Almanac 2017 (National Geographic Childrens Books, 2016) is packed with plenty of fascinating facts, fabulous color photos, and fun features (comics, games, nifty crafts, jokes and riddles), and wacky and wonderful info to wow friends.

A section titled Trash Drop Off features the facts on how long various items consigned to landfills hang around--a football can be found fifty years later, a plastic water bottle pollutes for 20 years, and glass jars are actually awesomely resilient, lasting a million years!

There are chapters on celebrities of all walks of life, from sports to films, to halls of fame in almost every field, awesome adventures in paleontology, finding fossils with the well-known Leakey family, all sorts of animals, from pets to wild things, and weird and wacky weather phenomena and natural disasters.

Google is great for single factoids, but almanacs are compendiums of many subjects, best for browsing, with one thing leading to another, and National Geographic Kids provides the sort of irresistible and alluring literature that is the perfect gift for middle readers for birthdays, holidays and backseat reading during daily commutes and family holiday trips. With something of interest for everyone, parents may be tempted to "borrow" this book after bedtime to read for themselves!

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