Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Timely Tooth Fairy Tale: Little Vampire's Big Smile

It's the BEST!

Little Vampire's wearing his biggest smile.

The pre-Halloween party is in full swing.  All the little monsters are there, singing, dancing, and making merry to celebrate the coming holiday.

But then--Bertie the Little Vampire bites down on a chewy morsel and leaves one of his little fangs behind in the treat.

Oh, blasted batwings! A set of matched fangs is the sine qua non of vampirehood. Bertie is despondent!


A fifty percent fang count does not make for a full-fledged vampire. Will Bertie flunk the fang test and have to sit this Halloween out?

Mom and Dad Vlad advise little Bertie to put his lost tooth under his pillow, make a wish on the full moon, and he may get a big surprise.

And little listeners will soon spy the Tooth Fairy Bat fluttering down to leave Little Vampire his heart's desire--a fine new fang just in time for the best Halloween yet, in Little Vampire's Big Smile: Board Book (Little Bird Stories) (Cottage Door Press, 2016). This extra petite board book is just the right size for the hands of tiny tots about to take their first bite of Halloween tricks and treats, with a lovable little vampire and the rest of the usual mini-monster suspects to tell the tale of the missing tooth.

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