Sunday, January 15, 2017

Retrograde Motion! Fancy Nancy: It's Backwards Day by Jane O'Connor

Nancy and friends can't wait to get to school. But it's a slow trip, because they all have to walk backwards.

Why is everything topsy turvy? (That's fancy for upside down and super silly!)

"Goodbye!" we say to Ms. Glass.

"Goodbye!" she says.

Then we all sat down. Nobody faces Ms. Glass.
All the kids are wearing their clothes backwards. Robert is wearing a white shirt, suit jacket, and tie hanging down his back. Bree and Nancy have socks on the their hands and so does their teacher, who also wears a tutu on her head. They begin class by reciting the alphabet--backwards, beginning with Z!

"This is easy!" says Lionel. He means it's hard!

Their teacher reads them a story, beginning on the last page. Then Ms. Glass has the class make themselves nametags for the day.

They giggle at each other's backwards names.

 lioneL, treboR, eerB, ycnaN

It's a topsy-turvy day, running races backward and having a retro-style fashion show, and when the day is over and everyone is in line to go home .sM ssalG bids her class a reverse farewell.

"See you yesterday!"

Who wouldn't want to spend a backwards day in Fancy Nancy Clancy's class? And beginning readers can do just that with Jane O'Connor's newest I-Can-Read book,Fancy Nancy: It's Backward Day! (I Can Read Level 1) (Harper, 2016). With ebullient illustrations in the style of Robin Glasser, artist Ted Enik keeps the retrograde motion going in retro-style, and author O'Connor adds a glossary of vocabulary-enhancing "Nancy's Fancy Words" from the text: delectable, ensemble, extremely, nonsensical, and, of course, topsy turvy.

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