Friday, February 10, 2017

Pete the Cat: Rock On, Mom and Dad by Rob Scutton

It's Monday and Pete the Cat is late for school.

His alarm clock didn't go off!

Does Pete have to worry?

No. Dad has prepared Pete's breakfast and Mom has his backpack all ready to go.

Pete is going to make the bus!

Pete realizes that his parents do a lot of things for him. Dad drives him to guitar lessons, and Mom takes him to practice baseball with the team. Pete wants to do something really, really special, something, well, awesomefor them.

But what can Pete the Cat do that is awesome? He asks his big brother Bob for some ideas, and Bob comes through with quite an idea.

What can Pete do better than any other cat?

Rock out!

And rock out Pete the Cat does, in Rob Scotton's Pete the Cat: Rock On, Mom and Dad! (HarperCollins, 2016), playing and singing to tell his mom and dad that they are awesome for teaching him to love art and music and that he loves them--with all his heart. Scotton's groovy Pete plays and sings his own hearty appreciation for his parents, in a short and sweet thank-you note to all those moms and dads who make all the good stuff possible.

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