Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cyborg Selfie Pete the Cat: Robo Pete by James Dean

What a great, sunny morning!

Pete the Cat can't wait to play baseball with his friends.

Pete heads outside with his glove, looking for someone to play catch with him. But everyone else has a different idea of how to spend a sunny day.

Larry is heading for the library.

Seriously? Inside, on a day like this?

Collier is going biking. John is making like Tom Sawyer and painting a fence.

Pete wishes his friends would do what he wants to do.

Playing catch takes two! What to do?

But Pete's fertile imagination comes up with an inspiration. He builds a cyborg self, a robot which looks just like him. He programs it himself to make it think just like he does. Pete wants to play catch, and so does Robo-Pete.

The only problem is that robots don't get tired, and they don't come up with new ideas. Pete is weary of trying to catch Robo-Pete's fastballs and long throws! He suggests that they play some other game, and Robo-Pete repeats robotically...

"I want to do whatever you want."

But Hide-and-Seek doesn't work out so well. Robo-Pete always knows exactly where Pete hides. Of course he does! His mind works just like he's programmed to do.

Maybe having only robot Petes for pals isn't as much fun as he thought, in James Dean' Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete (HarperCollins, 2016). It's fun for young readers to follow Pete as he finds out that different strokes for different folks make for more fun in the long run, and James Dean's signature faux naif illustrations add to the fun of this fantasy day of play for Pete. Complete with a Pete-the-Cat poster and stickers, this little paperback is sure to please.

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