Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dream a Little Dream with Me: Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds

Some times the world tells me,

"Sit still! Be quiet! Focus!"

Sure, there are times when there's nothing for it but to get down to it and get the job done!

But then, there are times when it's good to dream "really good dreams.," swinging on a star dreams, rainbows in a jar dreams.

I'm a happy dreamer. My dreams have a mind of their own.

Dreams that float free, fly in the sky, touch the clouds and swing down to earth again. Dreams in the dark, silent dreams that can be heard in silence ....

Dreams that might be messy!

Peter H. Reynolds celebrates free-form daydreaming in his newest, Happy Dreamer (Orchard Books, 2017). With a tousle-haired boy who rises from a colorless desk and flies through the sky, with a happy hiking girl, a painting kid with a colorful palette and an elated actor dramatically in mid-delivery of his lines, author-illustrator Reynolds puts in a plug for playful dreaming and shows the reader "all the ways to be a dreamer... "


Says Publishers Weekly, "Reynolds’s hand-lettered text and airy cartoons dance across the pages, capturing the freewheeling workings of the child’s mind."



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