Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Hit the Trail! Ladybug Girl and Her Papa by Jacky Davis and David Soman


It's a day with Dad for Lulu, (a.k.a. Ladybug Girl), and she's got her bug gear on, dressed in red leotard, tutu, boots, and, the piece de resistance, her wings, all with big black spots. She's even wearing her antenna headband with red boppers.

Dad leads them quickly up a trail to the hilltop, but Lulu and her perky pet basset hound manage to keep up with Papa's pace.

Down the hill they come to the pond, where Papa picks a special rock and skips it, bouncing it right across the top of the water. What a trick! Lulu helps Papa find more perfect flat rocks to skip.

Back home again again, they wash up and head for the kitchen to stir up a batch of pancakes. Lulu adds the blueberries! Fortified, Papa shows his daughter how to build a birdhouse, and it makes Lulu happy to think of a nice bird family moving in for the summer.

Chores come next, with laundry to hang on the line outside in the sunshine, where Ladybug Girl and her little hound play hide and seek with Papa from behind the sheets.

And there's just time enough left for a pirate tea party with Papa, complete with eyepatch and dainty teacups, in Jacky Davis's newest Ladybug Girl board book, Ladybug Girl and Her Papa (Ladybug Girl Board Books) (Dial Books, 2017). With an attractive three-dimensional cover and the charming illustrations of David Soman, this story is perfect for papas and daughters who spend special time together.



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