Saturday, July 01, 2017

Spot On! All about Spot (Shaped Book) by Eric Hill


That iconic puppy, Eric Hill's Spot, is everyone's favorite pooch.

In fact, he's the perfect pup for little ones just learning what to do with a pet. Spot is ready to romp and play all day. He chases his ball and drinks from a bowl with his name on the side. He is always ready for a run, for rain or shine fun, and loves to frisk out in the sun.

Part toy, part picture book, Eric Hill's little shaped board book, All About Spot (Frederick Warne/Random, 2017), gives the youngest among us a preliminary experience with what it is like to have a pet, particularly a peppy little puppy.  From crib toy to beginning reader, Hill's little doggy-shaped book is the pet to get!

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