Saturday, September 09, 2017

Miraculous Beast? Agnes Loves Unicorns by Universal Studios

Agnes has two things she wishes for more than anything.

To start with, she (and her two sisters) are orphans.

Every night she dreamed that a mommy and daddy would adopt them soon.

She also wanted a unicorn.

Well, who doesn't?

And POOF! Suddenly the sisters do get adopted by nice parents. Now Agnes' bucket list is down to one thing.

Every night she keeps her sisters Margo and Edith awake with her unicorn song.

"I love unicorns, uni, uni, unicorns..."

It's not very inventive, but it is annoying, according to her sleepy sisters.

Then, when their new daddy, Gru, takes the girls to a theme park, Super Silly Land, Agnes picks out the Unicorn of her dreams....

Perhaps the fluffiest unicorn ever!

And is that the happiest ending ever? Well, no, not just yet, in Universal Studios' new movie, Despicable Me3, not with Minion Kevin and the usual despicable suspects lurking around, in Despicable Me 3: Agnes Loves Unicorns! (Centrum Books, 2017), with its uber-cute characters, sure to be the next big thing in preschool motion pictures--now screening at the cineplex near you!

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