Thursday, October 12, 2017

Feel the Fun! Halloween (Baby Touch and Feel) by Dawn Sirott


Who's that looking back at you?

It's a small black kitty with a welcoming MEOW, peeping out from behind that smiling Jack O' Lantern! How does he feel?

Soft and furry!

And then there's a little witchy doll with long yarn hair, stirring her green brew in her black cauldron. How does it feel?

Sticky and lumpy!

Bats fly through the silvery moonlight. How do they feel?

Fuzzy and velvety!

Here are some holiday treats. Bright candy corn kernels! How do they feel?

Smooth and sparkly!

How about this cute little wizard in his cape? How does his beard feel?

Slippery and silky!

Dawn Sirott's little baby board book, Baby Touch & Feel: Halloween (Dorling Kindersley, 2017), treats baby spooks with a soft and padded cover for little hands and features a jolly Jack O' Lantern with a grin, welcoming little ones to some of the fun symbols of Halloween. With bright-colored photos set spot-art style on bright white pages and question-and-answer design by Elle Ward with each page turn, this little touch-and-feel book offers the sights of the spooky season and tactile and coordination experience for the little Halloween fan. Make the gift of this one baby's first treat!

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