Saturday, November 25, 2017

Just Do the Right Thing! BB-8 On the RUN (Star Wars) by Drew Daywalt and Matt Myers

It was scary.

The little droid BB-8 has never been sent on a mission of his own, and now separated from his friend Poe, who has always shown him what to do. Poe had told him to run far away, and BB-8 moved as fast as he could, but there was a great explosion back where he'd left Poe.

It is very scary.

Now it is up to him to get the top-secret map to Resistance so they could find Luke Skywalker. The Droid Ship is preparing for launch and he must be there soon! How will he know what to do?

BB-8 remembers one important thing Poe told him:

Buddy,  you do good things and good things will come back to you.

But there are many dangers on the way to making the lift-off. BB falls into a deadfall trap,where he discovers his friend Fez is also a prisoner. His captors cackle that they will sell him part by part, but BB-8 helps his friend Fez to escape, and they race across the desert, pursued by angry Steelpecker birds. BB-8 runs across a starving scavenger family and makes a side trip to get them medical care. Time is short. Will he get to the Ruins and get aboard the Druid Ship before it leaves?

Noted author (for best-sellers The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home et al, (see reviews here) and admitted super Star Wars fan, Drew Daywalt, puts together the hairsbreadth escapes and good deeds along the way in little BB-8's Jukka Desert race to rescue Luke  Skywalker, in Star Wars BB-8 on the Run (Disney Lucasfilm Press, 2017), as artist Mattt Myers provides the dramatic far-away galaxy landscapes as little BB-8 tries to do the right thing and save the galaxy. Primary grade Star Warfans will feel empathy with the little droid all on his own as he does his best to save the rest.

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