Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Sunrise, Sunset....: Good Day, Good Night by Margaret Wise Brown

"Good morning, world! Hello, day light!"
Good day, everyone. Good bye, night!"

Every new day is a gift, and to this young bunny, an adventure. The quiet of dawn soon yields to the bustle of morning jobs, and the aproned baker pops out to sweep the sidewalk of The Bunbunnerie, and the milkman from  the Harey Dairy delivers bottles of cold milk to everyone's doors. Even the baby birds get fed their breakfasts.

Bunny drinks his cup of milk as Kitty wakes up, too.

"Good morning to you. Open your eyes.
Every day is a new surprise."

And the two are off to see what's doing downtown, where little ones play ball and grown-ups are busy plying their trades while the sun shines.

But the sun rolls on across the sky to the west and begins to set, the moon starts to rise, and things begin to settle down. The parent birds fly back to the nest, and with a good night wish to the trees and the bees, Bunny walks back home in the lingering sunset.

Everyone is heading home, and so are Bunny and Kitty. In his little striped pajamas, in his cozy bedroom, he bids his kitty and all his toys a good night.

"Good night, bear. Good night people, everywhere."

In this lovely edition of Margaret Wise Brown's heretofore unpublished Good Day, Good Night (Harper, 2017), young readers will hear echoes of the cadence of Brown's later beloved bedtime story, Goodnight Moon, newly illustrated for the first time by the inimitable and award-winning Loren Long, whose soft, rounded forms and muted colors meld perfectly with the quiet, old-fashioned tone of Brown's soothing rhymed text, with the added pleasure of images from Brown's classic story strategically represented, especially in Bunny's cozy bedroom. Sunrise and sunset mark the movement of time, and youngsters will feel the push and pull of that daily cycle in this old, but new bedtime story from a master storyteller, illustrated fittingly by a modern master artist.

As Kirkus Reviews writes in their starred review, "With pleasing echoes of Brown's famous classic, including bookends of a cow jumping over a moon, this bedtime story will entice families back again and again."  

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