Saturday, December 09, 2017

Homing! Goat With Many Coats (A True Story) by Leanne Lauricella

It was a December night, cold and bright, when Prospect was born.

The trees rustled and the stars shone through the falling snow.

As tiny as a tea-cup, Prospect's prospects don't look so good. He seems to be an orphan goat, struggling alone to stand on his long, thin legs.

His family was nowhere to be seen.

But Prospect is lucky to have someone who soon adopts him. A woman comes and takes him away, asleep on her lap, as she drives the little kid to his new foster home. Because he is so little and young, his baby fuzz is not enough to keep him warm, so she gives him a special gift, a goat coat in bright colors, to keep him warm while he grows his own warm fur. And as he grows, he sports several new coats!

Soon Prospect had a coat for every occasion. He even had a cape that made him feel like a Super Goat!

But little goats grow up, and as warm weather comes, he outgrows his coats and his own furry coat start getting silky and thick. At first he feels strangely exposed without his clothes, but the other goats give him a rousing M-A-A-A of approval.

There are many stories of dog rescues and cat rescues out there, but GOA Kids - Goats of Anarchy: The Goat with Many Coats: A true story of a little goat who found a loving and caring new home (Walter Foster Books, 2017) is indeed a true story of a rescue goat, lovingly raised by author Leanne Lauricella, animal advocate and blogger, and now author. The illustrations by Jill Howarth are warm and humorous, and author Lauricella appends appealing color photos of little Prospect growing up in his many goat coats and hoodie.

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