Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Too, Too Mistaken! Pinkalicious Tutu-rrific! by Victoria Kann

Alison and I giggled as we tried to stand on our toes.

Tomorrow we were going to ballet class together.

Pinkilicious and Alison trade notes on their ballet attire. Alison says she's wearing purple, and Pinkilicious reports that her tutu, ballet slippers and hairbow are all, of course, pink! They make plans to meet before class.

When Pinki is dropped off, she spies a purple-clad girl just going through the door. She dashes after her. In the mix of pastel tutus milling in the hall, finding their classes, she spots a girl in purple disappearing into one studio. That must be Alison!

Pinkilicious dashes down the hall and into the room. Girls are everywhere, putting on their dance shoes, stretching, and chatting nervously. As the teacher calls the class to the barre, Pinkie follows them, finding a place far behind the girl in the purple tutu. She finds the work at the barre easy enough, and performs the positions and her plie' perfectly. But Pinkilicious can't find her friend anywhere among the students. But then the teacher claps and beckons them to form rows and has them do some spins. Those are Pinkie's best move. She twirls with the best of them!

I looked around. This was easy! Piece of cake!

But then the teacher asks the students to run through the steps they learned the week before. Pinkie tries to do what everyone else is doing, but they move too fast.

I couldn't keep up!

Pinkie's cover is blown. The teacher suddenly realizes that she is new to the group, and after class she calls her up on the carpet.

"You! You're not in this class," she says.

But first, could you spin again?

Pinkilicious confesses to her mistake, but the teacher is kind and compliments her on her spinning technique, and Pinkie's ballet slippers are walking on air as she reunites with Alison, in author-illustrator Victoria Kann's Level 1 I-Can-Read book, Pinkalicious: Tutu-rrific (I Can Read Level 1) (Harper I-Can-Read). Young beginning reader balletomaines and fans of Kann's pink-fancying protagonist will find this Pinkilicious title en pointe

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