Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Keeping Your Cool! No Biggy (a Story About Overcoming Everyday Obstacles) by Elyeia Rubin

"Lots of things make me feel happy."

Kiki loves her dog Pozey, with her big, sweet, fuzzy face. She likes practicing handstands, and she loves eating ice cream any time she can get it.

But sometimes things that happen she doesn't love!

School mornings are nutty! So many things to do before the bus arrives.

There is breakfast to eat and teeth to brush--which can be maddening when the toothpaste falls off the brush before she can get it in her mouth. And even when she's all dressed and pulling on her coat, the zipper thingy gets stuck and won't go up or down!



It's up to Mom and Dad to show the way not to sweat the small stuff when minor problems pop up. The main thing to keep in mind is that most of these things are, as Daddy, says,


Dogs track in mud all over the floor, and when they get a bath, they get more water on the floor than in the tub. But if Mommy can say, "No biggy!" while she mops up the mess, Kiki can learn to keep her cool, too. When she grabs her favorite bedtime story book and a page gets ripped, Kiki tapes it up herself and says, "No biggy!"

Elyeia Rubin's No Biggy!: A Story About Overcoming Everyday Obstacles (Random House, 2018) show kids how to take small frustrations in stride. Josh Talbot's pastel cartoon illustrations point up the comic aspects of the small vexations of daily life, and the use of hot colors for Kiki's frustrating exclamations and cool colors for her parents' soothing advice reinforce the message that kids, too, can learn the art of keeping cool.



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