Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Meals On Wheels: Food Truck Fest! by Alexandra Penfold

A family of  four is in a flurry and a scurry of a hurry.  It's very early, but they are packing up the baby (where's his other shoe?) and the supplies for an all-day outing.  Everything they'll need--except a picnic. And there's a reason for that!

Time to hustle. There's prep to do.
Bring in the groceries. Here comes the crew.

Let's get moving.No time to rest.
Everybody's going to the Food Truck Fest!

At every big outdoor event, there are special things to do and view for all kinds of people of all ages. Stuff to see, stuff for sale, music to hear, games to play. And circling whatever the event has to offer, there are the trucks with  a world of foods to proffer.

But this time all the crowd needs to do is bring their appetite. This time the food trucks are up-front and center. This is a Food Truck Festival!

Bright trucks of all sizes and hue, each one with its specialty, made just for you!

The cooks dice and slice, frying and baking. What are all these food trucks making?

One of them has got just what you're craving.

Falafel? Belgian waffle?

Kimchee tacos? No illusion!
A tasty Korean-Mexican fusion!

From hot dogs to frozen yogurt, it's a cacophony of cuisines in Alexandra Penfold's appetizing Food Truck Fest! (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2018), written in the author's snappy rhymes and rhythms, and illustrated temptingly by artist Mike Dutton, whose comic gouache illustrations feature a fantastic mix of people and appetite-whetting food trucks with the wonders of world-wide foods. There's something for everyone from the food truck folks in what Publishers Weekly says is "right on the mark for this down-to-earth, artisanal cuisine and its scrappy, hardworking purveyors."

And for an non-alcoholic aperitif, pair this one with Mark Todd's awesome Food Trucks! (Savor my tasty 2014 review here)

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