Monday, October 08, 2018

Count 'Em! Ten Little Pumpkins by Rosie Greening

TEN Little Pumpkins are growing in a line,

Then the farmer picks one, and that leaves...


But these ten pumpkins don't seem to want to go to market!

What's a poor farmer to do, with a patch of persnickety pumpkins who seem to want to bounce, roll, and jump away on their own merry way?

These clever little pumpkins conspire to escape from the farmer's crate. One hitches a ride on a horsey, and another pumpkin performs a magic trick and makes himself disappear. A spooky ghost grabs one, a scary skeleton snatches another, and... soon they're all gone....

But not for long. After all, little pumpkins just want their chance to shine, and they are not about to miss their big scene...

Glowing all together on the night of Halloween!

Rosie Greening's new version of that staple fall counting book, Ten Little Pumpkins (Make Believe Ideas, 2018) has a few special touches that set it apart from the others, from the shiny black background which sets off Lara Ede's bright personalized pumpkins right down to the sparkly and trendy reversing sequins that allow the golden pumpkin on the cover to change from a carved face to one that spells out BOO! Jaunty illustrations and a rhyming countdown that begs to be sung makes this new holiday number book more than just another pretty pumpkin face in the crowd!

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