Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fright Night Sleuth! Trick or Treat? Who's That Hiding in the Dark by John Townsend

You'll never guess who I might be.
I live in a spooky old house...

Our narrator is a little cagey about what he is--although, for the sake of a rhyme, he says he's not...

... a mouse!

Yes, dear reader, you are going to have to go into that scary house, through that spooky door, through those thick and creepy cobwebs, and see who's hanging around inside, besides that big black spider.

Oh, you might spot a rat, but he's not running from a big black cat either. But who really resides in this spooky place? There's one more clue, but it's up to you.

My home is cold and damp and dark...

Wait... ! don't go down those stairs to the cellar... and whatever you do, don't open that...

There are the usual suspects for a haunted house behind every flap, in John Townsend's Who's That Hiding in the Dark? (Scribblers, 2018), a virtual walk-through of a visit to the neighborhood haunted house, and a good way to introduce the creepy candy customers who will present themselves at your own door on Halloween. Artist Fermin Solis provides the not-so-creepy comic versions of the usual Fright Time characters in this rhyming, just-in-time for the scary season toy-and-movable book.

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