Saturday, November 24, 2018

Down Below! Pop-Up Peekabool! Under the Sea by Claire Lloyd

Striped Fish and her friends were playing hide-and-seek.

A sunken ship looks promising as a hiding place.

But...whoa! Someone is already there! Who is that popping up?

It's Diving Dolphin!

Little fishes love to swim and find out, and so do little kids, and in their new lift-the-flap board book, Pop-up Peekaboo: Under the Sea (Dorling Kindersley Books, 2018), author Claire Lloyd and illustrator Ellie Ward work their DK magic in this little finger-friendly exploration of the bottom of the sea.

What's to be seen hiding under and behind down in the deeps inside that sunken treasure chest? It's a Hermit Crab with pincers to watch out for! And there's Ollie the Octopus inside, giving them a friendly eight-armed wave. But Ooh! What could be inside that dark ocean cave? Striped Fish and her friends just have to have a peek! Is that Spotted Seahorse? Does he want to play hide-and-seek, too?

Lloyd's newest in the series of animal Pop-Up Peek-a-Boo series introduces preschool explorers to some of the things to be seen down in the sea. With very sturdy flaps and pop-up critters and bright illustrations in glowing marine colors, this one is a treat for the eyes and an appealing feast for little fingers.

And for a seasonal treat on dry land for little hands, try Dorling Kindersley's Pop-up Peekaboo Pumpkin!

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