Friday, May 31, 2019

"I Gotta Be ME!" Unstinky by Andy Rash

Bud in a happy-go-lucky little stinkbug ... except for when his pals--P. U. Bottoms, Lord Stinkington, and The Fumigator--get together for ...


Burly P.U. Bottoms is as rank as an odoriforous smokestack. Dapper Lord Stinkington reeks of rotten fish, and The Fumigator funks up the air with eau de doggy doo!

All Bud can come up with is the sweet smell of a vase of flowers.

P.U. puts out the offensive odor of an outhouse. The Fumigator matches him with malodorous gym socks; and Lord Stinkington counters with the stench of sour milk.

All Bud's got is the perfume of a pine tree.

Even when he eats onions, stomps in manure, and gets sprayed by a skunk, the best Bud can come up with is the smell of...
Fresh-baked Bread.

Bud despairs of producing a stink. The top-ranking Major Funk advises special exercises for stimulating stinkiness.
"Stomp your feet! Wave your arms!
Waggle your bottom!"

Poor Bud stomps and waves and waggles all day, but all he produces is the essence of mixed floral bouquet. But his odeur output does attract one admirer, April, a scent-conscious bee, who is attracted by his essence and his dancing. (Bees are big on both, you know!)

And it's a marriage made in aroma heaven, as Bud joins the bees and is happy to jive with the hive, in Andy Rash's stink-o-rama killer-diller read-aloud of a story, Unstinky (Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic Books, 2018). Rash's little stinkbug that couldn't is a handy metaphor for finding where you truly belong in life, and kids will go for the giggles with the succession of comic stink vocabulary and his lovably laughable carton illustrations. Quips Kirkus, "Get a good whiff of this olfactorily original celebration of individuality."

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