Monday, June 17, 2019

Family First! A Little Chicken by Tammi Sauer

Dot was a little chicken--who, in fact, let's say it, was a little chicken.

Sure, it's feasible to be scared of, you know, bears, or wolves, but scared stiff of...
Lawn gnomes? Butterflies?

Then one day, while adding extra security to the coop, Dot nudged a little egg that started rolling down the hill.

Dot gives chase. In fact, she's scrambling. Cluck!

The egg rolls right into the scariest place of all for Dot.
The deep, dark woods!

Braving a startled wolf and and bemused bear, Dot faces down her greatest fear--
Three very questionable lawn ornaments.

After all, that egg is family.

And when that egg comes to rest with a big CRACK, out pops a new baby sister for Dot, in Tammi Sauer's new chicken and egg story, A Little Chicken (Sterling, 2019). Facing fears is hard, but although Dot still shudders at the stony gaze of lawn gnomes, with a sister to look after, she's one plucky pullet. Illustrator Dan Taylor draws up some comical chickens in this latest by Tammi Sauer, mistress of silly critter stories.

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