Thursday, August 29, 2019

Big Top Primary School! Your First Day of Circus School by Tara Lazar

What kid wouldn't want his first day to be at Clown School?

Even the stand-in for the school bus is as commodious as a clown car!

Don't worry. An endless number of seats!

But the Ringmaster does call the roll for all the new pupils:
Ladeez and Gentle-Men, Boys and Girls!
This is the most amazing day of all: your first day of school!  Step right up!

Right away the uniforms give it away. They are clown costumes, strong-man tights, band uniforms, and other natty circus garb.

They are introduced to their teacher--Miss Stupendous!

They are advised that the school cafeteria is a ZOO! In fact, it's a jungle in there!

But new students are congratulated for their high expectations as they climb up to take their turns on the trapeze!

Going to circus school is like being a human cannonball--a BLAST from the circus cannon, in Tara Lazar's latest, Your First Day of Circus School (Tundra, 2019).  With Melissa Crowton's colorful illustrations, this first-day-of-school tale is a lively introduction to circus school doings.

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