Saturday, September 21, 2019

Fly High! Rosie and Rasmus by Serena Geddes

Rosie lives in a little village with cobblestone streets, a fountain, and an ice cream stand.

Every day Rosie watches as the others play.

She wishes someone would see her.

But one day, as a lonely Rosie is sitting under a tree gazing out to sea, someone in the tree reaches down and hands her a rose.

It is Rasmus, a lonely but not little dragon who wishes he had wings so he could fly.

Rose understands wishing, so she tries to help Rasmus fly. She tries tying him to a big kite. She tries bunches of balloons to float over the sea. She reads him books about soaring dragons. She brings him goggles to inspire his confidence. Rasmus can't seem to get off the ground, but he and Rosie become fast friends.

And then, one day, Rasmus' little wings unfurl and... Rasmus can fly! He can fly to the land of the dragons! But, that means...
...Rosie and Rasmus must say goodbye.

Rosie is alone again. Will she remember how Rasmus befriended her? There are plenty of flowers blooming all around, in Serene Geddes' Rosie and Rasmus (Aladdin Books, 2019), and Rosie finds a way to make another friend. Who doesn't love a gift of a flower and an invitation to share an ice cream cone? In author Geddes' gentle and sweet story of finding friends, the author shows the value of making that first move toward friendship, and artist Geddes' charming seaside illustrations in soft pastel palette show the good things that can come of a small act of kindness.

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