Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Santa Baby? A Mustache Baby Christmas by Bridget Heos

Christmas is just around the corner, and Santa's recruiting extra elves.

You know that Baby Billy was born with a mustache. And that Baby Javier was born with a beard. But did you know that on Christmas Eve, Javier's beard...

turned white?

That made him Santa's #1 helper--SANTA BABY!

Santa Baby gets busy collecting all the tiny tots' wish lists for Christmas Eve, noting that not all little ones are nice and some are definitely headed for the NAUGHTY list. He also gallantly volunteers to taste all the tasty treats.

Javier is one busy bearded boy. But soon there's a production problem:
Santa Baby hadn't had time to make the toys!

Just then Baby Billy came 'stacche-ing through the snow. In a twinkling he offers to be an elf in Santa Baby's workshop.

The two hirsute Santa's helpers soon construct a trove of gifts for their client tots. But then Mustache Baby suffers a bad case of selfishness! He claims the toys for himself! As he corrals all the toys, something strange happens. His mustache goes into hyper-drive and turns into...

But when Santa Baby gets angry, he grows a bodacious beard, hitches up his dachshund team to the sleigh and leaves his renegade elf behind in a snow drift. Naughty bad guy Billy kayos the lead dachshund with a chunky snowball and brings down Santa Baby's sleigh, and Santa Baby is forced to steer his sleigh to a crash landing.

Will Christmas Eve be a bearded bust? Will Santa's sleigh be grounded and Santa Baby forced to forego his worldwide Yuletide trip?

Never fear, all ye tots, toddlers, and expectant kids. Yearly, newly, faithfully truly, somehow Santa Claus always comes, as in Bridget Heos' jolly new Yuletide treat, A Mustache Baby Christmas (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Clarion, 2019).

Okay, it's still some time until Santa's big night, but it's never too soon to stock up on stocking-stuffer stories filled with holiday cheer, and together author Bridget Heos and her trusty helper, artist Joy Ang, have a certain top-seller for that coming Season to Be Jolly. There's always a place for some silly Santa's helper stories to brighten winter solstice time, and worried kids will cheer and be cheered when Santa Grownup flies in just in time to take care of Christmas Eve duties right on schedule. Artist Joy Ang's cheery illustrations make sure all is merry and bright, and all's well that ends well with a merry message from Santa Grownup and Santa Baby...

Bridget Heos' and Joy Ang's other books in this joyfully silly series are Mustache Baby (board book), Mustache Baby Meets His Match, and her recent buccaneer baby tale, Arrr, Mustache Baby!

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