Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Carving Contest! Peppa's Giant Pumpkin by Neville Astby


The children are having a competition.

Everyone has their pumpkins ready to decorate.

And of course Peppa Pig is keen to have the best Jack o' Lantern in her class. The whole family cooperates to help her with the competition.

Peppa's grandparents have done their part. Grandpa Pig has been growing a huge pumpkin. In fact, it's still growing in his pumpkin patch.
It's the biggest pumpkin in the world!

Mom and Dad and little George are there to join in the process of carving the big pumpkin into an outstanding Jack O' LANTERN.

Only then do they realize that they have NO way to fit this JACK into their car!

But Grampa Pig and his friend Mrs. Rabbit manage to rescue the situation, and with Mrs. Rabbit at the controls of her helicopter, they deliver Peppa's entry by sky crane! As the children cheer, the giant pumpkin arrives just in time for the judging, in Neville Astby's shaped board book, Peppa's Giant Pumpkin (Peppa Pig) (Scholastic Books, 2019), sure to please youngsters just getting into the fun of converting pumpkins to Jack o' Lanterns.

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