Saturday, November 23, 2019

Critter Counter: Five Little Bugs by Shannon Hays

Babies love bugs, but busy moms don't always want their little ones to touch them. But in Vicky Harvey's and Shannon Hays' 5 Little Bugs (Make Believe Ideas, 2019), little fingers get the touch-and-feel fun of touching the five buggy critters in the Busy Bees series of board books for the youngest book fanciers.

In Five Little Bugs, little ones get to touch the textured creatures visible through the cut-outs in the cover.

Five little busy bugs
Doing all their chores,
Bee buzzes off
And that leaves... four

And with each page turn, each critter takes off exploring, leaving one less to see and touch, until they are all gone, tired and ready for their own buggy bed for the night, in this small board book by Shannon Hays and Vicky Harvey, made just for small hands to hold with fun for the eye as well as a tactile treat for tiny fingers.

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