Sunday, December 08, 2019

Deck The Walls! The Crayons Christmas by Drew Daywalt

One snowy December Day, Duncan was making Christmas cards with his crayons.

The mailman rings with a Christmas card, but it's not for Duncan. It's from Mom and it's for her favorite crayon, Peachie Pie, with some snazzy punch-out dresses for Peachie to try on.

What's going on? It's a snow storm of Christmas cards to all his crayons-- perfectly browned cookies for Beige Crayon, a banana for change of pace for a snowman's nose just for Yellow Crayon, a box of bright-colored punch-out ornaments for the Christmas tree, a Hanukkah card with a dreidel for Gray Crayon, and one addressed to TODDLER CRAYON in big letters.

There is even a surprise pop-up Christmas tree, in Drew Daywalt's holiday gift to their young fans, The Crayons' Christmas (Penguin Workshop, 2019), offering young readers the fun of opening a Christmas card on each page, with real letters and games inside for kids to open and enjoy. It's a delightful holiday toy-and-movable book, with the familiar drawings of noted artist Oliver Jeffers, done (of course) in crayon. This one is a special gift for fans that comes already "wrapped" for Christmas giving.

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