Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Sister Act! Sisters: Venus and Serena Williams by Jeanette Winter

Daddy and Mama want their two youngest girls to learn tennis.

They have dreams for their future.

Daddy and Mama even learn to play tennis so they can teach Venus and Serena to play.

Luckily the little sisters, only one year apart in age, like to play tennis. They eagerly get up early to practice before school. They don't have a posh country club, but they have the city of Compton, California's city park courts, and although they sometimes have to clear the court of trash first, they take to serving and volleying quickly.
Venus and Serena concentrate HARD.

And Serena and Venus hit HARD. They tease and taunt and teach and compete with each other.

Older boys come to jeer, but stay to cheer. These girls got game!



And the crowds that see them play their first tournaments cheer their wins, and the trophies begin to pile up back in their house. Soon a tennis academy in Florida invites the girls to come there, and the family moves, and the plucky little sisters grow into powerful teenage stars and strong international stars with a flair for stylish tennis togs and beaded hairdos.

But through big wins, sad losses, and health problems, they keep hitting that ball and inspiring many younger players.

Jeanette Winter's new biography of the famed Williams sisters, Sisters: Venus and Serena Williams (Beach Lane Books, 2019) offers primary readers a short biography of the world's most famous tennis team that emphases the hard work they and their parents put in to make them star athletes. Winter's illustrations are big and bold and yet charming depictions of the two tennis mavens that ace the story visually for younger readers.

Says Booklist, "A great introduction to an incredible sister act."

Jeanette Winter is also the author of the noted The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq, (see review here).

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