Thursday, March 19, 2020

BEE-ing There For Spring! Beehive by Jorey Hurley

Busyness is the business of a beehive.

When the blooms of spring appear, bees emerge from their winter sleep in the hive and get busy buzzing.


All EXPLORE to find a new place to hang out, to build a new nest.

Inside the QUEEN BEE begins to do her job--LAY EGGS.

Many of the bees of the hive get very busy buzzing around the neighborhood, collecting POLLEN and NECTAR to feed the Queen, the baby bees, and to make honey for their winter fare.

Some bees are GUARDS, not afraid to STING to protect the Queen. But all are busy.

Jorey Hurley's brand-new bee book, Beehive (Simon and Schuster, 2020) is filled with pages busy with pastel flowers and black and yellow bees at work, building a beehive in a hollow tree, gathering pollen and nectar, and doing their job, which, not incidentally, is POLLENATING the plants that provide food and shade, homes and beauty for the rest of us. Hurley's artwork features lovely double-page spreads, filled with motion and with both closeups and long views of bees doing their thing, giving preschool and primary students an appreciation of all that bees do. The author also appends a more detailed discussion of the life cycle of bees, so necessary for the life cycle of many other plants and animals on our planet. Jorey Hurley's other books are Nest (Classic Board Books), Skyscraper, Every Color Soup Hop (Classic Board Books) Ribbit and Fetch.

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