Saturday, April 11, 2020

Spring Confections! Colorful Peeps by Andrea Posnen-Sanchez

A sweet treat in colors you can eat!

Or even better, use those bright-colored baby chick confections to teach color recognition.

There are sunny yellow peeps with umbrellas for April showers, and orange peeps in shades of orange juice, peaches and sherbet.

Pink peeps prefer pink cupcakes and balloons, and blue peeps pick blue fish as they float over the blue ocean waves.

Purple peeps arrive with purple presents with purple bows.

Red is the color of favorite playthings--firetrucks, fire plugs, and peeps in red fire helmets.

Green peeps can find green frogs, leaves, hungry caterpillars, and birdhouses.

And after all that, white peeps drop off to sleep in beds with snowy white sheets, counting leaping white sheep!

In Andrea Posnen-Sanchez' Colorful Peeps (Peeps) (Random House, 2018) there's some seasonal fun and concepts to be learned in this Easter board book for the youngest among us.

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