Monday, May 04, 2020

Mom's Big Day! I Love You, Mom (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) by Maggie Testa

Daniel Tiger loves his very own Mom.

But on a special day,

What is the best way

for what he wants to say....?

Daniel Tiger thinks about it.


He crayons a big red heart for her. He shares with her a pre-sampled cake in a big red heart-shaped box, but there's something missing!

And then he finds the right way to say it. Say it in a song to share!

His mom would love a special song, one they can sing together, and Daniel's mom does, in Maggie Testa's I Love You, Mom (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) (Simon Spotlight). This sweet board book with its soft padded cover and familiar characters is a good gift for mother and child on Mother's Day or any day.

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