Tuesday, November 24, 2020

HELLO! I am Baloney. This is my book, all about me. says Baloney the pig. "And me, too!" says a blue horse, stepping into the story. "Oh, hi, Peanut." says Baloney. He starts over. "I'm Baloney. I am the star of this book. It's my first book and I hope that..."
Biz the bee buzzes in.
"What?" "Oh, hi, Biz. Anyway, I'm the star of this book and this is Peanut and Biz." "You forgot Krabbit," says Biz.
Krabbit, the grumpy Rabbit appears, page right.
"WHATEVER." he grouches. Baloney starts over. "I am Baloney and this is.... "WAIT!" Where's Peanut?" "I think she went to the bathroom," says Biz. "She said she had to and... this was taking so long and.. <you know...." "NOW? But I'm starting the book!" Baloney cried. This is taking a REALLY long time," groused Krabbit. "Are we DONE?"
Being an author is not an easy job, especially when you are also the main character, a.k.a., the STAR, as Baloney the pig finds out when he tries to corral his friends into literary form. It seems his book's characters have their own ideas in Greg Pizzoli's newest gambit, the graphic novel titled Baloney and Friends (Baloney & Friends (1)) (Little, Brown and Company, 2020). But three-time Caldecott winner and Honor book author Greg Pizzoli has assembled quite an ensemble of comic characters in his ambitious new medium, boasting at least 85 pages of comic book-framed fun. Baloney tries out magic tricks on his friends: he makes a carrot disappear by eating it while they wait with eyes closed, and when that fails to amaze, while Baloney searches for his magic tricks book, Peanut offers to buy pizza, and Baloney returns to find that they have indeed disappeared. Like magic! For kids just moving beyond beginning reader stage, this new graphic novel has plenty more comic scenes with the four friends. A good follow up to beginning books from Dr. Seuss's famous beginner books or Mo Willems' superb series, Pizzoli had just the fun to brighten the long dark evening of late autumn. "A sure bet for Elephant and Piggie fans who are ready for the next step up or want to make the move to comics, says Booklist.

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