Saturday, February 27, 2021

Making Friends: Snow Friends by Margery Cuyler

It's very early. Everyone in the house is still asleep.... except for Oscar the dog. Oscar smells something different in the air.


Oscar races upstairs with his leash in his mouth to wake his boy Matt, who's awake and cozily reading a book in bed, not ready to go out yet. He pads downstairs barefoot and lets Oscar outside to romp in the snow in the yard for a while. But there's one thing Matt doesn't notice.


Oscar is only too happy to take himself for a walk. He spots a rabbit and chases him through the woods until he comes to an icy pond, where he spots a girl walking her dog, Daisy. The girl throws a green ball as far as she can and Oscar and his new friend chase the ball and romp in the snow.

Meanwhile, back home Matt is up and padding downstairs barefoot to let Oscar back in. But Oscar is nowhere in sight. And then Matt sees the open gate.


Matt suits up for the snow and follows the footprints Oscar has left, through the woods and down to the pond where he meets... Oscar and Daisy playing on the ice and a girl coming over the hill.

"THAT'S MY BOY!" barked Oscar.

"THAT'S MY GIRL!" woofed Daisy.

There's a snowday reunion for old friends and their new friends and much snow fun ahead in veteran author, Margery Cuyler's latest picture book, Snow Friends (Henry Holt and Company, 2020). It's a happy surprise meeting for the four of them, portrayed with great warmth and charm by the talented illustrator Will Hillenbrand. This snow story, with just a touch of fantasy, combines snow day fun, new friendships, and a cozy and happy ending for the unexpected friends in a joyful coming together. Says Kirkus Reviews, "There is an infectious exuberance underlying the story . . . A joyous, wintry read."

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