Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Sounds of the Day! What Does Little Crocodile Say? by Eva Montanari

How does the first day of Daycare School go? It begins early....


Daddy Crocodile's morning tickle-tickle earns a "Tee Hee" giggle. With a splash to wash up, it's time to zip-zip up Little Crocodile's pants! He's ready to go ... somewhere!

Their door closes behind with them with a solid...... WUMP!


And when Dad parks the car, they go up, up, up, to a doorbell that goes...


Inside there is Mrs. Elephant, with a cheery good morning to Little Crocodile. And there are what seems like a lot of other little ones, saying lots of things, like "Tweet" and "Meow" and even "Arooo!" Mrs. Elephant takes Little Crocodile up in her arms.


Wiping away a tear, Dad goes away for the day. Mrs. Elephant holds Little Croc on her lap while she begins to read... "Once Upon A Time." She continues to hold Little Crocodile while she shows him how the toy drum goes Tat-a-Tat and the triangle goes...


Interes-ting! Little Crocodile joins the band parading all around the playroom, blowing his horn at the end of the line. Soon it is time for (YUM YUM) lunch! And after that, how does naptime go?

ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ zzz zzz zzz!

Time goes fast, and just as Little Crocodile is chasing down a big soapy bubble to pop, there's a sound at the door.


And how does Little Crocodile's first day at daycare go?

It goes great! It ends with the sound of many big kisses for Daddy Crocodile, in Eva Montanari's What Does Little Crocodile Say? (Tundra Books, 2021). As in her first Little Crocodile story, What Does Little Crocodile Say At the Park? author-illustrator Montanari tells the story of a first day away at preschool with the sounds of that big day. Montaneri's charming faux naif illustrations, done in slightly scribbly colored-pencil drawings evoke the mood of this story that ends with an upbeat last sound, "See you tomorrow!" A fine book for reading aloud to youngsters about to leave babysitting behind for the first day of of nursery school, one with several short sight-words good for beginning readers.

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