Wednesday, November 03, 2021

The Escape Escapade: The Runaway Pea by Kjarten Poskitt



A young green pea on a plate at the table,

Decided to escape while he was able!



Pea popped off the table, skidded through the catsup, and plopped into the puppy's water dish. He dodged the dog, splashed into the fish tank, twanged off the spider's web, and landed on a shelf. What else could possibly go wrong?

Well, when the fan switched on, the pea wafted away and into the toaster, where he is ejected with a fiery hot backside into the dryer, from which he rolls under the fridge, the habitat of some questionable escapees--two moldy peas and a rotten banana.




Pea regrets his hasty escape, as he's swept away and dumped into the compost pile, where he soon finds himself sprouting roots and putting out shoots.

But this is not the end for Pea; it's not even a fable!

He's not a goner, not this green pea. He's just recyclable.

Author Kjarten Poskitt and illustrator Alex Willmore invite kids to wordplay with their food in their brand-new vegeterian treat, The Runaway Pea (Aladdin Books, 2021).

Give peas a chance by sharing this one with Keith Baker's LMNO Peas (The Peas Series), (See my reviews here).

Says School Library Journal, "Fresh, frozen or canned, we’ve all experienced the flee of a runaway pea, and for classrooms and story times, this delightful read-aloud is sure to be gobbled up by delighted young readers."

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