Wednesday, January 26, 2022

"I Am the Greatest!" The Ultimate Shark Rumble: (Who Would Win?) by Jerry Pollatta

When big sharks duke it out, who is greatest? In the waters of the world, the stakes are high when the biggest and the baddest boys in the shark world enter the ring to find out who the champion carnivore in the sea can be. Each one claims to be "The Greatest!"

When Saw Shark tries to cut a slice of Mako Shark, Mako makes short work of the duel, biting off the sawfish's tail! Mako wins! Hammerhead Shark is sure he's got all the right stuff. He can keep watch for opponents on both sides, as well as back and front. Bye-bye, Six-gilled Shark! You're too ugly to live!

And the great white shark only needs one knockout punch, er, one Great White bite, to take down the competition. But here comes the bulkiest big boy in all of sharkdom, the whale shark! However, he is lacking the one thing sharks are famous for--big teeth. Tiny teeth are good only for copping krill.

Whale shark goes down to the quick chomps of Black-tip Shark. So long, sucker! The same goes for the stocky little Leopard Shark when he confronts the thresher shark, whose long tail whips him right out of the competition.

Megamouth Shark looks tough with a mouth big as a barn door, but his teeny-tiny teeth can't take down Greenland Shark, who can live for 500 years, sharpening his fighting skills.


Mako Shark makes use of his lightning jab, biting off chunks of Bull Shark here and there. But Tiger Shark deftly takes both down for the count. But nearing the final round of the World Championship Match, Great White Shark tries a quick undercut punch, striking from below at Greenland Shark.

Now it's down to the top contenders--Great White Shark comes in to deliver a low blow from below, and Tiger Shark twists and attacks in the clinch with a quick big bite. First blood! The match is over! Tiger Shark Takes THE TITLE!


Tiger Shark may be the greatest--this time, but there's always time for a rematch out there under the waves, in Jerry Pollatta's Who Would Win books offer many animal champs a rematch with their greatest contenders, in his Ultimate Shark Rumble (Who Would Win?) (24) Ultimate Jungle Rumble (Who Would Win?) (19) and Ultimate Dinosaur Rumble (Who Would Win?) (22)/a>

This is a vividly illustrated book, with Rob Bolston's action drawings, carried out in bright colors that capture the serious competition between all contenders. For kids who like some excitement along with their curriculum-co-ordinated animal behavior lessons, this book and the others in this series offer some exciting encounters for rising middle grade readers.

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