Friday, January 14, 2022

The Adventures of Zip, Bip, & Chip: See Zip Zap! by David Milgrim

Zip is a space alien of the greenish persuasion, with a magical antenna which he uses to zap assorted characters when it seems a good idea--and perhaps when it's not. He first zaps up a striped bug-like critter with two antennae.

Pleased with himself, Zip then zaps up four birdlike creatures. Perhaps to show off his versatility, he zaps up Chip, a canine-ish character whose job is to applaud Zip, and then a similarly egg-headed baby alien named Bip, who seems to be moved mostly to outrun the margins prepared for his persona. Zip follows toward page right to zap up four odd birds who are so exciting that they instantly put Bip the Baby down for a nap!

Bip naps on, despite the flippant and feisty fowls, provoking Bip to wake up and Zip to use his biggest ZAP on the Big Bodied Beastie with one nose horn that he zapped up.


Zap snatches up Bip as the horned Beastie closes in, and the two fall off the cliff as the Beastie skids to a zippy stop.


As Zip and Bip fall toward the ground below, Zip zaps up a squadron of feisty fowls in a flying formation to catch the falling figures of Zip and Bip before they go SPLAT on the flatland below the cliff.

Zip claps and claps!


Author-illustrator David Milgrim's extra-easy beginning reader, See Zip Zap: Ready-to-Read Ready-to-Go! (The Adventures of Zip) concentrates on the beginning reader's venerated reading tricks--rhyming words, repetition, alliteration, and easy-to-sound out words to tickle the punny funnybone and build the beginner's self confidence in this super easy reader in his Adventures of Zip series.

For more reading starters, zip down to the library or bookstore for more Zip and Bip, in Milgrim's sequels, Poof! A Bot! Ready-to-Read Ready-to-Go! (The Adventures of Zip) and Come In, Zip!: Ready-to-Read Ready-to-Go! (The Adventures of Zip).

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